India offers to cut carbon intensity by 20-25% – India – The Times of India

After a 70-minute meeting with Chinese premier Wen Jiabao, Ramesh said, “This is a leadership-cum-public relations drive by China. The message of the meeting is that China wants to lead and it has fulfilled its international obligations. They have called the meeting from a position of strength as they have already announced emission targets.”

But the minister clarified that “India and China cannot be on the same page when it comes to emissions”.

India comes fifth in the ranking of emission intensity with 1.8 tonnes of emissions per thousand dollars of GDP compared to China's 2.85 tonnes.

Sources pointed out that China already has a high-energy intensity level because of its greater reliance on the manufacturing sector. India, in comparison, is more dependent on the service sector for its economic growth. “The question the government has to consider before it takes such a target is, will it hamper the growth of manufacturing sector — which is obviously more energy intensive — in the years to come,” said an official close to the moves.

“China has already built up its infrastructure — roads, power plants etc — and has a large manufacturing sector and in the process its energy intensity is higher today. Its now offering to dip a bit. India's energy intensity is bound to rise as its economy grows, do we have the space to undertake this manouver, is the moot question,” he said.

Ramesh, speaking to TOI in Beijing, said, “There is a considerable room for reducing emission and energy intensity in India keeping the 7-8% GDP growth profile without jeopardising growth.”

via India offers to cut carbon intensity by 20-25% – India – The Times of India.