Creating “white spaces” in your life

He aims to spend 100 days next year in the white space. “As a great teacher, Rochelle Myers, taught me, you can’t make your own life a work of art if you’re not working with a clean canvas,” he says. (Another smart bit of Collins philosophy: “Speak less. Say more.”)

Clearly, Collins lives different life than the rest of us because, as a best-selling author, he can afford to. (But even when he couldn’t afford to — before he became famous — he spent his time thinking and working on his first book, Built to Last, turning down consulting offers from large companies that wanted him to travel to them. And he credits that “time in the cave” spent thinking for his success.)

So he challenges the rest of us to “afford” white space time. He questions whether that frenetic pace is actually getting companies anywhere (indeed, frenetic companies are usually those in decline, as he points out in his recent book, How the Mighty Fall). At the end of his keynote speech, he exhorted the gathered HR managers to create their own white spaces — even if for only a half hour a day. I could practically hear everyone thinking, “Great idea. Love it. But I haven’t got time!”

Do you try to make time for white space? What tactics do you use for managing your time?

via Manage Your Time Like Jim Collins – HBR Editors’ Blog – Harvard Business Review.