What is worldisgreen.com?

Worldisgreen.com is about the concept of “sustainability”. The three forces of profits, planets and people or the triple bottom line need to work in harmony for a sustainable future.

Worldisgreen.com will concentrate on business strategy and sustainability.

Think Green

The Previous Version?

In previous lives, Worldisgreen.com was my blog concentrating on rural India. Sometime in 2004 I stopped blogging and unluckily lost all my data too. In case, any visitor is visiting from a previous link I apologize for that.

This blog has a different focus now as I have evolved over time.

What is Sustainability?

The Brundtland Commission defined sustainable development as that which “meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs”.

The “meets the needs” part refers to maintaining and improving the living standards in the developed countries of the world and improving prosperity in the developing world. The part on “future generations” connects to environment, species protection, water, natural resources and climate change.

Why Business?

Business can mean many different things to different people. However, Business at the core is about entrepreneurship and innovation.

Joseph Schumpeter, the Harvard Economist, defined an entrepreneur as the following:

By finding a new “production function” in an existing resource, a previously unknown means through which a resource could produce value, the entrepreneur was innovating.

The problems facing the world in economic development, environmental management, climate change, health and education are sources of one of the biggest opportunities for a business. Business is about problem-solving. Business is about innovation.

Even though a lot of the problems facing the world today were created by businesses around the world, I am optimistic that the institution of “a corporation” has the resources, capability, creativity and innovation and motivated people with the right incentives to make a difference.

World is Green is that future and this blog is a small part of the larger journey.

Business and stakeholders

I do not believe that “business” can exclusively solve the problems facing the world, especially when “the status quo” is profitable to maintain for many corporations.

However, citizens, non-governmental organizations, government and big business all play a role in this. By working together and acknowledging the need for collaboration and co-operation these problems can be solved together.

Why Blog?

I have been blogging on and off for 3+ years now (from 2003). Worldisgreen.com’s first incarnation or avatar was connected to the goal of developing rural India while I was working with Deeshaa Ventures. I learned immensely about the issues facing rural India, connected to many people and did my job better due to my blogging.

Joining my MBA in Australia, I decided to blog less and study more. So after almost 2 years of non blogging, coming to the end of my MBA, I have started to blog once again. The goals remain the same though – to learn more about sustainability, to connect to people in this area and to many others who are not, and to work towards applying this in my work and daily life.

However, this time my understanding has broadened and my future goals are more clearer. I have moved from poverty and rural India to Sustainability.

Who am I?

I am an MBA, with experience in financial services, an e-venture, a rural India start-up and now working in the Environmental field. You can know more about me at the About the Author page.

What areas will I blog about?

Firstly, this is a learning journey hence, this blog may contain some basic stuff about the issues that we are dealing with. Second, I will write about the latest news and information in this area. Third, as this progresses the blog will go deeper into the solutions to the problems facing us.

The focus areas will be business strategy, economics, technology, people, government, and some indepth guides.

What can you do?

Please follow me. Comment whenever possible and share your knowledge. Lets create a conversation where hopefully I can instigate discussion and thinking and learn from you. At the end, we all may have a better understanding of the “nature of the beast”
than before.